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Project Description
This is an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it helps you generate C# code from an xsl template; C# does not have the power of C++ templates (I know C# has generics, but they are not exactly the same); but it can easily use the power of xsl templates to generate tons of cod

Requirements: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010

The idea:

There are many cases where I need a lot of C# code generated from a template, and I just don’t have the C++ templates, I just can’t go in the code and declare a template and then use it.

On the other side, .Net supports the xsl templates, and these templates can be used to generate code, C# code or any other code.
Here is an example:

Sample C#/Xsl code


The following screen shows one template and 3 xml files that are using it to generate C# code.

And here is how to use the generator in your project.

Go to the properties of the file.

Set the custom tool to CodeGenerator

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